About Us

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum is operated by the Gympie & District Historical Society Inc, a wholly volunteer operated organisation, with the Museum development and operation the most significant of its objectives. The Society was formed in 1965 to establish the Museum on the site of the former No 2 South Great Eastern Mine which was the second richest mine on the Gympie Goldfields. Some of the original stamper battery remains on site and the original mine water tank was converted into the first Museum building and officially opened in 1971. The Society has approximately 56 members and a further 25 volunteers with an impressive range of skills. The Museum covers some 4.5 hectares and features over 20 exhibitions spaces with 10,000 items on the database.
President: Frank Lightfoot
Secretary: Ralph Richardson
Treasurer: Marilyn Soanes
Senior Vice PresidentMax Travis
Junior Vice President: Allan Blackman
Historians:  Allan Blackman
                                                                       Chris Kapernick
                                                                       Alan Dundas
                                                                       Wayne Sachs

Other Positions held:
Property Officer & Firearms Licensee: Ron Owen with Assistant Jo Carson



For booked school and seniors tours, 
usually for a couple of hours.


A contribution towards fuel costs is provided
 and a free cup of coffee,
also the satisfaction of passing on the history.
Free training provided.
Ring 54 823 995 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.